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When my wife and I moved to Sedona in 1994 we were drawn to the Hopi Reservation. We soon began taking Holiday baskets to our friends in need at Christmas. In January of 2006 while having dinner with our friends Peter and Janet Fagan, Janet suggested that we expand this “project”. In December of 2006 we raised $2,200 and took 20 baskets up to First Mesa. In 2007 we “adopted” the Tewa Elders at First Mesa and the “Tewa Holiday Project” was born. This group of Native Americans living on the Hopi Mesas receive little support from the various Government entities at Hopi because they are not true Hopis but Tewa who moved to Hopi from New Mexico during the years of the Pueblo Revolt in the late 1600’s. Currently there are about 75 Tewa Elders living at First Mesa. In 2007 with the help of Laura Van House, Peter and Janet Fagan and the support of many new friends we raised $5,300.00 and took 50 Holiday Baskets to First Mesa along with many SUV’s full of gently used winter clothing. In the Spring of 2008 we created a partnership with Sedona based Non Profit Cornucopia Community Advocates lead by Julie and Harvey Grady. In 2008 we raised $11,275 and 50 “Tewa Travelers” made the delivery to first Mesa to deliver the 75 “baskets” to the Tewa elders.

In 2009 we raised $10,462 and again delivered 75 baskets to the Tewa elders at First Mesa. 2009 was our first year to make our delivery to the new Tewa Community Center. 45 “Tewa Travelers” made the trip. Until you make the delivery to Tewa and experience first hand the gratitude and sharing my words do no justice to describing the experience. In 2010 we raised $12,618 and again delivered baskets to 75 tewa elders and nearly 60 Tewa Travelers made the trip. In 2011 we raised the most money ever with a grand total of $13,848 raised. In addition to the 75 baskets delivered we were able to purchase 6 laptop computers for First Mesa Elementary. The 2012 delivery to First Mesa is scheduled for December 15, 2012. If you would like to be on the email list to get updates and information or to be a part of the 2012 Tewa Holiday Project delivery or volunteer team for 2012 just email me.

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