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Recommendations and Reviews for Randy Crewse


September 12, 2018

Randy Crewse was such an incredible resource as our realtor throughout our relocation from Michigan to Sedona, Arizona. It wasn’t long after starting to work with Randy that we realized how fortunate we were to have chosen him. Even though we had only just met Randy he felt like a long-time friend or part of our family. Throughout the stressful process of buying and selling a home at the same time, Randy was a great resource keeping us up to date and advising us step by step on Sedona and Arizona specific items we needed to be apprised of. He was patient with us, quick to respond to our questions, and swift to submit offers on the few homes we considered. His knowledge of the area and the home buying process was infinitely appreciated. In the end we found our perfect home in beautiful Sedona and are ever so grateful and would highly recommend Randy Crewse to our closest family and friends.

Dan and Casey Goniwiecha


August 10, 2018

“Randy did a fantastic job representing me. He was prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, courteous and most of all fun to work with!  I highly recommend him!”

Cecilia Duncan  


July 10, 2018

Randy Crewse has been our real estate broker in four separate transactions. Each situation presented a variety of challenges including inspection report repairs, a complicated buyer partnership conflict and the typical communication difficulties between the potential buyer and seller. Randy handled all of these with finesse and grace. At the same time, he was firm and acted as our advocate when it was necessary. Selling rental properties is a bit easier to be objective, but when we needed extra hand-holding during the purchase of a new residence and completing the sale of our lovely home of 12 years, he was avaIlable to hear our concerns and yet direct our decisions so we would not be emotionally charged as we maneuvered through the transaction. He has a delightful sense of humor and has great integrity. I would highly recommend Randy for any of your real estate needs.
Pamela Fox Klauser


June 24, 2018

Randy was recommended to us by my brother-in-law. To Randy’s great credit, Randy earned the trust of my wife and I. We appreciated Randy’s willingness to act in our best interest rather than his own. Also, during “inspection” week, when emotions were high, Randy understood how important it was to be available 24-7 with answers to all questions. When we wanted extra help, Randy was there. We highly recommend Randy Crewse.
Dave and Therese Scott


April 12, 2018

Hi Randy,

I received your message about the sale closing. I want to thank you so very much for helping me with the sale of my lot. You’re so very good with keeping in touch and making the transactions simple! I so appreciate what you’ve done for me. You are a caring and professional real estate agent and I am so pleased to have worked with you.
Thanks again,
Janice Scott


September 2017

I have been looking for a home in Sedona for the past several years.  My searching has had me working with numerous real-estate agents in our community.  It was a relief to begin working with Randy Crewse.  His availability, determination and approachability gave me the trust and piece of mind that I have so often felt lacking in other realtors.  Randy mindfully listened to me, was always graciously available to show properties, and went to work for my needs.  I relied on Randy’s experience and professionalism when we faced unanticipated challenges, and he never disappointed.  I felt like I was his only client!  We successfully closed on my new family home and I couldn’t be happier.  I am so happy to have found such a wonderful relator.
Thank you Randy!
Jordan Rogers


September 2017

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for my real estate agent, Randy Crewse.  I rented a home for one year here in Sedona and was eager to purchase a property to call my own.  Randy listened to my concerns and made excellent recommendations for my particular housing/financial needs.  Randy provided professional guidance and even humor as I stressed over housing costs here in West Sedona.  I was even encouraged to write a letter expressing my wants to a Seller here who ultimately agreed to sell to me over another party with a cash offer.  Randy always supported my wishes and provided the perfect opportunity to purchase my cozy nest!!!
Dr. Patti J. Pierce


August 26, 2017

Hi Randy.                                                                                                    

I didn’t fully thank you for your untiring service to Peter and me during the sale of my home this summer. I want to express a few of those unsaid appreciations now, and reiterate a few of the things I think I said all along in the process.

First of all, I chose you to be my agent not knowing much about you except for the years of living in Sedona West and receiving from you a yearly in depth real estate assessment of home sales with full backup statistics, informing me of what was happening not only in my neighborhood but in the broader community of Sedona. When it came time to sell my home I already knew the market somewhat. That knowledge really helped me make some major decisions. The dedicated service you provided in those lengthy reports showed up all the way through the process of selling my home with you.

Something I really appreciated about you was that you were always your word, flawlessly. When you said “I’ll do this” or “I’ll be there at…,” you always showed up right away, making me feel like my concerns were your concerns. I felt you always had my best interest at heart for getting my property into the best shape it could be so the biggest investment of my life really shined in its best light. And at times you rolled up your sleeves and just plain helped out, always moving things forward.

And I’d like to remind you of something I hope I said many times, how much I enjoyed your relaxed presence and your great sense of humor —- always, always positive as we approached every aspect of the process, even a few rough rough spots. Seriously, Randy, I could go on and on in deep gratitude. What could have been a very stressful time was made easier by your broad capacity for relating with good, clear communication and caring. I wish you every success in everything you do. Thank you. Thank you. When I look at your photo on the bottom of the note pads you gave me, I smile. I don’t think it gets much better than that.

Always in my heart in gratitude,
Mary Mulcahy


April 2017

If anyone has a real estate need in Sedona or the Verde Valley area, I highly recommend Randy Crewse. He is patient, kind and full of life. More importantly he is totally professional and extremely knowledgeable about real estate in general and the local market in particular.    Had he not “bird-dogged” my recent closing, I do not believe it would have happened on time.  He managed every detail and went out of his way to insure a smooth closing.  His service and attention to detail are above and beyond any expectation. Then, when it’s all said and done, you will know you have made a friend for life.
Susan Schubert


January 2017

When we finally decided to sell our little, 1,000-square-foot residence in a mature Verde Verde Valley subdivision just outside Cottonwood, Ariz., the only real estate broker we thought of to list with was Randy Crewse. 

I worked with Randy for years performing various good deeds through our affiliation in the Sedona-Oak Creek Lions Club. I knew Randy as a hardworking, honest, dedicated volunteer who changed many lives for the better through his philanthropy among the Tewa people,Native Americans designated as the protectors of the Hopi Pueblos. 

There was also a Father’s Day Pancake breakfast we pulled off without a hitch and actually made a little money!

Anyway, Randy was the obvious choice to list our house. He helped us prioritize the clean-up and repairs left by errant tenants as a parting gift. He helped us focus on the most important tasks for purposes of the sale.

Thanks to Randy and our amazing guardian angels across the street, the Mitchells, we got the house in shape to sell over several weeks. The effort was totally worth it. We had an offer at the desired price  in less than week. 

As absentee owners, we thank our lucky stars Randy was on the scene in Arizona to handle the problems which arose, like when the buyer failed to qualify for financing on the first go-round. Randy arranged the release of escrowed funds, which we really needed to survive the delay in the closing.

With four days to go before the re-scheduled closing, we discovered the septic tank was leaking and had to be replaced. Without Randy’s cool professionalism, the closing would not have happened. Despite being in the middle of his Tewa Christmas project collections, he arranged for a second escrow to cover the septic tank replacement so the deal could close as scheduled.

Randy who found a reliable contractor to finish the septic tank replacement under budget. At last, the tank was replaced and the remaining escrow released to us, just as Randy assured us it would. 

Thank you, Randy, for everything you do for the world. You’re a truly good person and a fantastic real estate broker!

Thank you,
Greg Ruland, Zach Duran


January 2017

To Whom It May Concern:                                   

I have recently sold my lovely little home in Sedona, Arizona with the expertise of Mr. Randy Crewse.  Randy was my first choice of Real Estate Agents.  When I called him, he was available and willing to give me his much needed help.  Since I live in Washington State and had to have someone who was active and familiar with the area to be of service.  He worked closely with my son-in-law whom I had given my consent to work with Randy in culminating a sale.

The sale was finalized a mere two months after listing.  Randy proved to be extremely capable and knowledgeable in regards to making the sale and securing the necessary improvements that the buyer wanted done.  He is well acquainted with the various contractors in the area and managed an on going relationship with them while keeping in mind the December 22, closing date, which was met.

Randy is pleasant, knowledgeable, familiar with real estate law and always available when you need him.  I felt confident from the very beginning because of his amenable manner.  He was most helpful and congenial with my son-in-law, Walt Spady, and we are grateful to have had such a successful sale.  I am sure the buyer is pleased as well.

Thank you, Randy, and Walt.
Sincerely,  Ann J. Avant


June 8, 2016

To Whom It May Concern

Mr. Randy Crewse was our Real Estate Agent during the process to sell our condominium home in Sedona, Arizona, during a 15 month period in 2015/2016. Randy was very friendly, organized and efficient throughout the process. He provided good advice from the very first steps that helped us market our home in an attractive fashion, through the development of adequate strategy to facilitate the successful end result. His role was more that of a project manager than that of a sales agent. In particular he was very successful in coordinating the repairs that were required by the inspection once an offer had been made by the eventual buyers. He advised us well and managed some complications that arose at the end of the process because of a temporary lack of liquidity from the prospective buyers. Randy’s good advice and stategic calm were very welcome during those stressful circumstances.

Randy’s assistance was especially valued by us because we had already moved out of Sedona by the time the house was placed on the market and we were in Indianapolis, Indiana, throughout the whole process. It was reassuring to know that we were well represented by Randy to address all the various issues that arose during the year plus long period that was required to finalize the sale of the condominium. Randy kept us well informed on every step along the way via telephone and e.mail. His messages were always prompt, direct, relevant and responsive. His communication skills were particularly appreciated given our long distance status and the long time it took to sell the house.

Because of all these attributes of his performance we are glad to recommend Mr. Randy Crewse as an excellent manager, advisor and real estate agent. In addition we welcome his friendly, good natured and calmed approach to the sale process and the attending complications that arise as a natural part of such an endeavor.

We would be happy to answer any question that may arise regarding these topics.

Federico Dies, MD, PhD and Rosa Maria C. Dies


May 2016

Chris Viverata
3030 Autumn Leaf Pkwy
Baton Rouge, La 70816

To: Whom it may concern,

I met Randy Crewse while vacationing in Sedona. Like so many visitors to Sedona I had fallen in Love with area and dreamed of moving there. I was on my way out to go for a evening hike when I saw an open house sign and decided to stop. Randy was just about to lock-up the house for the day but took time to show me around. I told him I was curious about the housing available in Sedona because I was dreaming of moving there one day. He asked me what type of house I would be interested in and my approximate budget. He also asked if I was interested in going out the next day and looking at a few houses. I told him I would feel bad about taking up his time because I was just in the dreaming stage right now. He assured me it was no big deal and told me you
never know when your life circumstances will change.

Randy showed me a few houses that day and I went back a few more timesover the next two years looking. I tried to be very considerate of Randy’s time only letting him show me a few house each time I visited. In the third year I came to look at houses my life circumstances HAD changed and I was ready to purchase a house. Randy showed me a lot of houses over the next few weeks before I found the perfect house for me. Buying a house in Arizona was quitdifferent than Louisiana but Randy walked me through ever step of the way. Sadly for me my life circumstances changed again just a short 20 months later and I needed to sell my house. Randy again was extremely patient with me while we found the right price to list my house at, and also pointed out a few repairs that would help make my house stand out over the competition. My house sold quickly and I moved back to Louisiana before all the paperwork could be finished. Randy helped me take care of the paper work long distance and it wasn’t a big deal.

I would highly recommend Randy Crewse if you are looking for a house to buy or selling the Sedona area.

And who knows maybe life will change again for me and I’ll be back.

Chris Viverata


April 2016

Randy Crewse just recently helped me sell a rental property that was indeed a challenge . His professionalism and forever positive attitude helped keep me positive throughout the entire process. His cheerful smile and vast knowledge of the current Sedona market is not only comforting to his clients but also extremely helpful in navigating the intricacies of an ever changing real estate market. I highly recommend him for any and all real estate needs .

With a big SMILE.
Bill Klauser WKK Enterprises LLC


April 2016

To whom it may concern:

We recently purchased a home in Camp Verde, Az. We wanted to go to an ERA realtor so we called and got Randy Crewse. He had several houses to show us in Camp Verde . The day we met Randy in Camp Verde for him to show the houses it was raining and very cold. He could have made the appointment another day but he did not. He is a very good realtor that takes the time to give you what you desire in a home.We found the home we were looking for thanks to Randy’s dedication and time . We would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to purchase a home in his area to call him.

Thank you ,
Charles and Rose Saunders


Dear Randy:

Following the successful close on my new home here in Sedona, I wish to thank you  personally for a job well done and to extend to any prospective clients my personal recommendation for your professional services.

I was new to Sedona and sought your office through the Top Agents Rated website. You were the first to answer my query and through subsequent positive recommendations from prospective mortgage brokers I chose you. Nothing could have met my expectations any better.

I have bought and sold several houses in the past and you were just what I was looking for in an agent. You knew the market, were accessible, friendly, and most of all honest and forthright in your assessments of choices of prospective properties. This was especially important in the favorable result of ensuing contract negotiations. You were especially accommodating to my out-of-town schedule and did everything you could do to move the process along smoothly in my absence.

Thanks again for a job well done and for becoming a new personal friend.

Thomas E. Hauber

1360 Vista Montana Rd
Sedona AZ 86336


March 2016
Dear Randy,
Philip and I want to express our appreciation for all you did to make the purchase of our new home in Sedona such a pleasant experience. From the beginning of our search to culmination of our transaction (six months later), your patient and capable support through every phase exceeded expectation.  In the heat of a protracted negotiation with the seller, you never fluctuated and were ever ready with strong tactical advice. We feel very fortunate to have engaged with you, and will continue to recommend you to our friends and family.

Thank you for contributing so much to making our dream come true.

Philip and Camille Cox

105 Gray  Fox Drive
Sedona, AZ 86351
Home: 928-284-4001


March 2016

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in regard to Randy Crewse of ERA Real Estate Professionals.

Recently my mother listed her home in The Village Of Oak Creek with Randy, and I wanted to compliment him on a job well done. My mother is elderly and her home was a 38 year old double wide mobile home. Randy assisted us in finding different people to help take care of many issues with the home to make it sellable. From termite treatment, to septic tank pumping, to estate sale and general assistance, Randy had several contacts to handle our needs

Randy handled all aspects of the sale ethically and with integrity. He was always available to answer questions either by phone, email, or in person.My mother’s home was tricky to sell due to the age of the mobile home, but Randy worked diligently and found a legitimate buyer with cash. The entire process was trouble free.

I would strongly recommend Randy if you are selling or buying a home in the Sedona area.

Geoffrey A. Cooper


March 2016

“After a successful home buying experience, our friends recommended Randy to us. He was extremely efficient through a difficult process of home inspections, bank and underwriter disclosures. Additionally, Randy was very responsive to our concerns and questions and kept in close contact every step of the way. He was the consummate professional from beginning to end. We would not hesitate to pass on the recommendation to anyone in search of the perfect home.”

Additional comment:

Randy is your realtor! 😂😂
Christina Lembert


July, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

In the last year, I have had the opportunity to work with Randy Crewse on the sale of two homes in the Sedona, AZ area.On both occasions, I found him to be a consummate professional, proactive and communicative throughout each step of the process.I felt assured that his focus was my best interest and I appreciated that he was always available to provide guidance, when I needed it. Randy’s broad experience in his field and his knowledge of the local market proved to be invaluable, resulting in the amazingly quick sale of both properties.

Always a pleasure to work with, I wholeheartedly recommend Randy to anyone wishing to engage a real estate professional for their upcoming relocation.

Judy Head
422 Mountain View Lane
Woodstock, GA 30188



To Whom it May Concern:

Our acquaintance with Randy Crewse now spans 18 months, from when he first took us out to look for a home in Sedona, until last week when we closed on our townhouse.

What initially drew us to Randy and made us determined to have him broker any deal for us, was his long experience in real estate, and his familiarity with the market.  As well as this, he is unfailingly pleasant, hardworking, patient, and willing to go the extra mile.  He is everything that is professional, knowledgeable and personable, and we would recommend him to anyone.
Wes & Lynda Little